Gorgeous, Morkie puppies for sale for May, 2020, in the GTA from the most Reputable, Experienced  Morkie Breeder.
We are located one hour out of Toronto central to most people.


Your Canadian reputable, experienced Morkie breeder, breeding healthy, top quality, well bred morkies!
Both parents on site, available to meet when you pick up your puppy.

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We take great pride in breeding the healthiest, highest quality puppies for you!


Morkie Puppy News for March 2020: We have  morkie puppies available regular size and teacups!


We are accepting deposits for our male and female morkie puppies now!

We also have puppies ready to go home right away.


We are accepting deposits now for our morkie puppies! 

 CONTACT US for details to reserve a morkie puppy! 647-202-0372

Our morkies are the perfect companion for a family or a single person that wants a small dog but can take on walks and activities.
Our puppies have outstanding gorgeous non shedding and hypo allergenic coats.


Deposits are half of the total, non refundable.
All puppies are Ontario 13% hst taxable.
We also issue you a receipt.

Please CONTACT US  to send a deposit to reserve a morkie.

We are morkie breeders. We own all of the parents of our puppies, therefore our puppies are  limited.
We are not a breeder service or a dog broker. We only sell puppies that we have bred ourselves to ensure every puppy we sell is the highest quality and the healthiest puppy.


CONTACT US   647-202-0372

We have male morkie puppies available. Teacups and regular size.

Please call 647-202-0372 to request pictures of our available morkie males. Thank you.


CONTACT US   for details to reserve a male or a female Morkie puppy. 647-202-0372

Accepting deposits.  All puppies are taxable 13% hst.
Deposits are half of the total.

CONTACT US for details on size, color and pricing on the puppy you desire.     

 CONTACT US   for details to reserve a puppy from us.


Parents available to meet when your puppy is ready to go home.

 Available females:  We have females available and we are accepting deposits for females.

We have a tiny females and regular females available...please call 647-202-0372 for pictures of available females. Thank you.


CONTACT US  to reserve a female morkie puppy!


CONTACT US for details on size, color and pricing on the puppy you desire.   


CONTACT US  to reserve a female or a male Morkie or Maltese puppy!

Jocelyn and Rio




Morkies we've had in the past: (ALL SOLD)

Introducing our gorgeous little, teacup Ginger!  SOLD




Spencer has found his new family, Glenn & April and their boys, Conner and Eric.
Spencer with April, Conner and Glenn.


Mikey is sold to Tina and her family from Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Teddy Bear Morkie is SOLD.
Teddy is a rare brindle morkie. He will be blond or gold.
He is such a friendly little morkie; follows me around, so cute, can't resist him!


Teddy is sold to Stana and her husband who are from Kitchener, On.

Please CONTACT US if you are interested in adopting a male morkie puppy from us!

*Every photo of a puppy on our site is a puppy that we have bred.*

Our morkies are a great choice for families looking for a small dog because we have bred and raised them with families in mind.
They have the nicest temperaments of all small dogs.

They are cared for & socialized daily by myself and other family members. 

You will have the pleasure of meeting your puppy's parents when your puppy is of age to go home.
This can give you a good idea of your puppy's temperament, adult size and other things you may be wondering about.

All of our puppies come with updated vaccines, dewormed, their vet papers, health certificate, health guarantee, receipt  & food if required to get you started.
Life time support for our puppies is always available. 

We have confidence that you will be very happy choosing your puppy from us
because of their temperaments and good health. 

*Not all Morkies from other breeders have excellent temperaments like ours and are a nice safe family size and the beautiful  coats that we specifically breed. This is not to be assumed just because they are "Morkies".
A morkie puppy is a better choice then a Yorkie puppy for sale because our morkies have a better temperament. 
Morkies get along better with children and other family members then Yorkshire Terriers.
 Morkies are the perfect choice and that is why we have chosen to breed only Morkies so we can sell the absolute best puppy to families.


 It was really great meeting you too and refreshing to meet someone,
who really cares about the puppies they've chosen to breed and is so knowledgeable too.  Diane



Please CONTACT US if you are interested in adopting a morkie puppy.


Jordan's family:


Jordan is a handsome morkie, he is great for walking and playing
if you have an active life style.

Jordan is sold to Cathryn and her family including Sebastian from Toronto.
Jordan will get to play with Charles, (Dave and Christine's) (renamed to Cooper)
who lives next door!
The kids will be walking them together. Sounds like fun.

Black morkie female, "Misha" is adopted to Joan and her family. 


 Misha is doing great. We just love her so much, and so does everyone who comes in contact with her.
She's very lovable and loves attention. She went to puppy school and seemed to learn everything very quickly.  We had her to the vet and she is very healthy and weighs 3 pounds 1 ounce.
They fell in love with her and couldn't get over what a lovable little girl she was.
I just wanted to say thank you for such a great little puppy and would highly recommend your puppies to anyone.

Thanks again,


 Introducing Gorgeous Meagan: SOLD
Meagan is SOLD.
Meagan is Jasper's beautiful sister, she is estimated to be 6lbs.
Meagan is gorgeous, huge eyes, short nose, baby doll face. She is friendly and playful.

Our gorgeous Meagan has found a home in Labrador city, Newfoundland with Joy and her husband, Clarence.

Introducing Tiny Jasper:  SOLD 

Tiny Jasper is a little black and tan morkie! She is so beautiful!
Her colors are gorgeous, black and tan with a white chest, white muzzle and one little white paw! The very tip of her tail is black. Beautiful eyes and a short nose, little baby dolly face.


Tiny Jasper is so small and so gorgeous!
She is a friendly little girl and playful.
Jasper tiny teacup black/tan morkie female is sold!

Little Jasper has found a home with Doreen from Stouffville, ON.

Introducing our pretty Macy: SOLD
Gorgeous Macy is sold.
Macy has black and tan face, black back, white chest and paws.
Macy is sold to David, Carla and their children, Joshua and Jenna from Toronto!


Gorgeous female morkie puppies sold at http://www.morkies.ca
Lacy, Lily and Julie morkie are sold.

 Introducing Julie: SOLD

Julie is a cute morkie female, Julie, morkie female is sold.
Julie is estimated to be 5-6lbs.

Julie has been adopted by Mark, his wife Anna and their sons from Mississauga.


Introducing Little  Lacy: SOLD
Tiny Lacy is very beautiful!

Little Lacy has the most beautiful coat!

She has a very tiny, petite face, her eyes are very beautiful.
Little Lacy Morkie female is sold.

Mary is sold to Brenda from Oakville.

Mason is SOLD:

Little Mason is quite small, very cute black morkie!
Mason has the nicest temperament/personality, he is a quiet puppy that loves to snuggle!
Mason has been adopted to Sara from Thunder Bay and Pauline/Grandma will be baby sitting. Sara has named him Mason.

Pauline says Mason is very smart and is doing very well with his potty training.
She says he is the perfect little puppy and the family loves him so much.


Elizabeth and Paddy with their new morkie "Tana", the family also has "Shadow".

Introducing "Texas":SOLD
His family has named him "Oliver".
He is so handsome.
He is a black & tan morkie puppy.


Our Texas has found a home with Deborah, hubby and her daughters from Toronto.
Was love at first sight!

Texas is sold.

Tyler is a very handsome white and black and tan morkie. SOLD
He is the same color as Joey.
Introducing our very handsome Tyler!

Tyler will be a very good dog, he will have an excellent temperament.


Tyler Morkie is sold to Olga from Oakville.

Tyler with his new family! Olga, her son Denis & Shalynn. Olga's sister and son are visiting from the Ukraine.

Tyler with Olga!


 It was a pleasure buying a puppy from you. Your dogs are beautiful and amazingly well behaved.

Thanks again.  Denis

This is Joey! He has the same colors as Tyler.


All of our puppies are healthy and happy morkie puppies! 

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